Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Gym Fears

Weight: 258.8
BMI: 44.42

Well, I hit a new low today at .1 pounds less than Monday. So, right direction, wrong amount. I didn't work out yesterday or Monday, but I am planning on hitting up the gym today after work. I slept a fabulous amount last night, and it was well worth skipping the gym for.

I keep being on the edge of trying the classes at my gym, but I'm still a bit too afraid. There's a "Yoga Fundamentals" class on Tuesdays and Sundays which is explicitly designed for beginners, so I'm thinking that might be my best bet for getting started going to those. The cycling class description also explicitly mentions that they're appropriate for all levels, so I could try that. They also have cycling twice a day every day but Friday, so there's no "Oh I'll go Tuesday" and on Tuesday "Oh I'll go Sunday instead."

I'm getting really nervous about meeting my trainer on Saturday. Like, I know it's completely irrational (what, do I think he's going to mock me or call me fat or something?), but at the same time, I'm still terrified.

In both these cases, the thing I need to do is just plain be less scared. Unfortunately, for me, that's much easier said than done.

I really want to lose the last .8 to get myself over that 20 pound hump by the end of this week. I'm hoping that now that I'm back on a sleep schedule and will be going to the gym again that my weight loss will pick back up again. Only time will tell.


  1. I know what you mean. I agonize over things that seem to be a big deal at the time and then when I actually do it it isn't nearly as bad as I thought.

  2. Hadley!

    I know what you mean about everything you just blogged about! I am going to try to see if I can be of some help to you.

    Ive been watching the show, "Ruby" on Style network. She started out at 430 something pounds and she is doing everything she can to get herself to a healthy weight. Today I saw an episode where she tried Pilates! Mind you right now she is down to about 349 so if she can do it, you can do it! I know its intimidating at first but the feeling afterwards is way better than the feeling beforehand. Whatever you want, try it, and if you dont like it, you dont have to keep doing it but you will never be wondering about it.

    I was nervous before meeting my trainer, too and he is one of my dearest friends now. I dont know how I did it, really, other than telling cheesy jokes and yelling at him when I felt like I was about to puke(which only made him laugh) You have to be completely comfortable with your trainer though. If youre not feeling it, dont force it.

    You WILL lose that .8 this week :)

  3. You'll fly by that 20 lb. mark! :)

  4. Hadley,

    Write or blog about your gym fears. Sometimes it helps to see fears on paper because you can face them one on one. Make a list of your top five and battle them out one at a time. My #1 fear was my size. I told myself that size is the #1 reason to go to the gym. So, I went and bought some cute workout clothes and shoes and hit the gym hard. I have drop 5% body fat just in 3 weeks. The gym has been my friend and it will be yours. Admire yourself for taking on your fears. It will pay off really fast. Try yoga and spinning for the first week. You will not believe how fast your body will tone up. Good luck and stay strong!

  5. That 20 pounds will be here before you know it - seriously. I think it's so great that you are almost to the place where you are ready to try some classes - it shows that weight loss is more than just about weight!!!

  6. I totally get it - being nervous. I was SO nervous to tour my gym, then go for the first time, then meet my trainer. Now I love my gym, adore my trainer, and am trying new things - like spinning for the first time (also super fun). I've been equating it to the first day of a new job - you don't know what to expect so you are nervous, but once you get in there and do it, you feel more comfortable. You can do it!

  7. Girl....classes maybe what you need. Everyone in there was new at one point. You all have the same goal - fitness. I think they are fun. Except for cycling. I think it sucks because you are hunched over in one spot. I like to be up and around the room. Depends on what you like.

    I can feel your 20 pound mark should be so proud. I am so proud of you!!

  8. I'd say try a Zumba class or something equally fun. I wouldnt quite go straight into the hardcore fitness classes if you're worried about it at all. Do the strenuous workouts with your trainer, then enjoy your workouts in a group setting. After a while you will get comfortable with a gym setting, and you'll be able to feel comfortable in the boot camp classes and the harder workouts.

    Good Luck!

    Project Hot Mommy