Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Tuesday Weigh In

Weight: 258.2
BMI: 44.32

Well, it is what it is.

The good: I'm down 1.1 pounds from last week. I'm down 1.2 pounds day to day.

The bad: I'm up 1.5 pounds from a few days ago. I'm also up back over my 20lb mark. And 1.1 pounds is the lowest weekly loss I've had yet. It's also not acceptable in terms of pace for any of my goals.

Still, a loss is a loss is a loss is a victory. Right?

I'm sort of scared to be in this general neighborhood on the scale. A little over a year ago, I attempted to lose weight using Spark People. I stalled in the upper 250s (257.8 was my old low, with 275 as the starting weight) and eventually gave up. I'm not pleased with how much I ate on Saturday and Sunday, and how little working out I've been doing of late. (Only 30 minutes of cardio last night, when I'd been planning 45 + weights.) I'm very, very worried I'm going to go off track and screw this up.

I need to be committed. I need to have an iron will. I need to get through these next weeks and get out of this upper 250s death zone. I don't want this to be for naught. Now, more than ever, I need to stay the course. I can do this.


  1. YES YOU CAN DO IT!!! Try not to focus on the past because you can't change it but you CAN change your future. Go Hadley Go!

  2. Yes, a loss is a loss...
    It's good to be scared, because the fear will keep you going, lol! Seriously, just take it one meal at a time. Make good choices, be true to yourself. You ARE worth all the effort. Try not to psyche yourself out. It doesn't matter what you did in the past. All that matters is what you do RIGHT NOW.

  3. Hadley,

    Yes you can! You have been successful so stay on that wave. It's really hard but you have alot of supporters. Remember that a workout is a workout even if it's 10 minutes. You made the most important step by going and doing. Plese believe me when I tell you that all things are possible. Stay strong because you are winning!

  4. You can do this. Stick with it. Don't let the scale scare you--your health is worth it! I have ups and downs all through the week. It's normal.

    Stay the course.

    I have an award for you at my blog.

  5. Get back on the program...dont allow a few little slips to put you off your goal.
    I need u to feel worthy of that hour training a day. You deserve that time for yourself.
    When I started I used to visulize those I loved at the end of the line cheering me on to the finishing line, it helped me so much...now the calories burned on my heart rate monitor is what motivates me, how many steps I can take in an hour on my pedomitor.....I have found ways - I live in Germany, dont speak the language, have no friend, I've had to find it within - the desire - to keep myself going as I'm doing this for me, cause I deserve to be NO 1 on my list....if I dont care for me no one else will...
    I hope you find it within yourself....you still young and have your whole life ahead of you, make sure its the best life you can give yourself.

  6. I wanted to tell you that I found it to be impossible to have an iron will all the time on my own personal journey. It's impossible, so just by recommitting myself every day, that's how I got through it all.

    You are doing a great job - don't get discouraged, just keep doing what you know to be right!!!


  7. You'll be back at 20 lbs. in no time! Just keep up what you're doing. Stay consistent and never give up. If you feel your ambition lacking, find something that will help motivate you. Set goal rewards for yourself, they help for me!!

  8. Thanks so much for coming by my blog and commenting! I can't get over how supportive everyone is in this community! I'll be coming by your site too... I have a sneaking suspision you're going to continue doing really great on this journey!

  9. You can do this! Don't give up. Don't even think about giving up! Thanks for commenting on my blog. Nice to meet you!

  10. You arew right. You can totally do this. You must be driving yourself crazy. Stop weighing yourself so much. It is like an addiction. Cut it down a bit and then you will feel more accomplished when you see the loss.

    You should be proud of it. I am proud of you!! Keep going.

  11. I'm a lapsed Spark-ite as well ;)
    A loss is great. Period! You can this. You are doing this!

  12. You are doing fantastic. I promise you that if you stick with it, before long you will be like, now what? I've reached my goal, now what! Seriously, If you keep at it, you will be amazed when you look back at what you've accomplished. I promise ;)