Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Tuesday Weigh In

I weigh in every day, but today's the big, official, "side of the blog" Tuesday weigh in day. The results? Not too shabby.

Weight: 253.7
BMI: 43.54

Now, when you look at the fact that I was at 253.9 two days ago, it's not that impressive. However, if you take into account that last week's official weigh in was 258.2, well, this is totally a happy dance number. 4.5 pounds is really quite ridiculously awesome.

I did pick up a new scale yesterday. It's white, it's by Thinner, and I can't find it on amazon or I'd link it to you. I primarily picked it up because it was the only non Weight Watchers scale that went to .1 pounds (just like my old scale does/did) and it didn't have crazy body fat/body water/bone density/things I don't need. It does vary depending on my exact position when I hop on, but it's still reasonably consistent. I greatly prefer the different readings to the faked same readings of the WW scale. Researching scales on Amazon, I found that there are a few other people who agree with my "programmed to give you the same reading" conspiracy theory. This way, when I get different readings, I can be smart about which one shows up the most.

It's weird though. As much as I'm in to nit picking the number, I also get that it doesn't really matter all that much. Unless I go ahead and get one of the big health o meter doctor scales, I'm not going to get a truly accurate reading. And even though this battle day to day and week to week is fought in pounds and fractions thereof, in the big picture that's not what it's about. I'm in the lower half of the 250s right now: where, exactly, I am doesn't matter. What matters is that I'm not in the upper part of the 270s anymore. The big numbers I'm looking at: where I started and where I'm going, they're so different that a few pounds of scale error isn't really a big deal. Even if day to day scale errors matter, I have to remember that in the long run they don't, and that I just need to keep the trend moving down.

Speaking of trends, it's about time to show you my totally badass moving average progress. Take a look:

And remember when I lost 4.5 pounds this week? JOY.

And before I close out the post, thank you to Monica, Kat and Orange and Black Kittehs for hooking me up with even more lovely blog awards. I think you guys are lovely too!


  1. Your charts crack me up! I love that you are so into this, there is no way(in my mind) that you will fail.

    YVW for the blog award, and I cannot wait to see your new scale! :)

  2. Wow, your weight loss chart looks exactly like my stock portfolio...

    Good job (I mean you... not stupid Charles Schwaab).

  3. Great job on your weight reduction. You should be really proud of yourself. Don't worry that much about the scale. Just add a few days of cardio and weight lifting in and it will melt off before you can say "scale". Stay focus and strong!

  4. Great job Hadley! Glad that you found a scale to fit your specs. You are inspiring my dear!

  5. This is the Hadley that I love. You blog the things I think. I crunch numbers like you and create graphs in my head. I do not share this info for fear no one will understand or appreciate it.

    Also, we maybe be kindred spirits. For I bought a new scale on Saturday. I got one that measures body, water, muscle mass and BMI. Just think of all the graphs you could make. Or are you already doing that with your new scale?

    Man you are totally rockin'! 4.5 pounds in a single week? Color me jealous!!!

  6. I LOVE this for you!!! Sorry I missed this post yesterday, but good job!

    Don't you love that chart???

  7. You are kicking ass. Way to go. Your right the number is such a small aprt of this whole thing.

  8. you are doing GREAT 4.5 is AMAZING at this rate you are gonna be there before you know it Good job!!!