Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Tuesday Weigh In

I somehow didn't hear my alarm this morning and woke up late for work, but I did hop on the scale before I dashed off:

Weight: 262.6
BMI: 45.07

In the chaos of the morning, I just made a mental note as I finished rushing to brush my teeth, pack lunch, etc. I just kept the number in my head and planned to jot it down at work.

Then, as I was on the way to the office, it hit me: I've lost 15 pounds. NICE!

So, there's a bit of a spring in my step today. I'm still worried about the issues I brought up in last night's post, but I'll deal with that tomorrow. For today, I've lost 15 pounds (15.4 to be precise), and if that's not excellent I don't know what is.


  1. Hi, Ty so much for your comment on my blog the other day. It gave me a lot to think about and made me feel more determined!(The post about how much money Ive spent on weight loss)

    Anyways, 15 pounds is AWESOME! Great job, make sure you celebrate it somehow! I like to get myself flowers when Ive reached a small goal. Keep it up!

  2. Okay I just rad last night and today's post.

    First of all - kick ass on hitting 15 pounds!! You gotta be feeling that loss. AWESOME.

    Second - you are too self-conscience. When people are working they do not really hear you like you think. I used to be a manager and I had to sit in the middle of all my team and I had no cubicle walls. People are more bothered by smells than sounds. Also, most of your foods are quiet and no one could hear them anyway.

    I used to eat at my desk everyday and people would walk up and just start talking to me and asking questions (about every 2 minutes). They did not care. They get over it.

    This guy will get used to it. Especially if he learns from day one that this is how it is going to be.

    Put yourself first. You will have your job for a short period of time compared to how long you have to live in your body. You have to think about you now.

    And you lastly, you are right. You should like your diet because it is super healthy and it works!

    Keep it up!!

  3. 15 lbs is absolutely ass-kickin' excellent. You are on your way!

  4. 15 pounds is wonderful. You should feel really proud of yourself. I hope the new guy is nice tomorrow!

  5. 15 lbs! Woot! And I see you follow me, so I'm gonna follow you back. Chyeah.