Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Tuesday Weigh In

Weight: 259.3
BMI: 44.50

Well, today's the big official weigh in day, and the results are, well, mixed. The good news is that I'm down 3.3 pounds from last week, which is a great number. The bad news is that I'm up .4 pounds day to day, but that's all right.

Last night I didn't sleep one wink. I was up all night working. I finished things just in the nick of time, and that was good, but I'm exhausted. I'm glad I didn't gain a lot more: generally my weight goes up throughout the day, and I lose a lot over night. I generally have quite a bit of trouble losing weight if I don't get a good night's sleep. Considering that (and the fact that I didn't work out yesterday), I wasn't expecting to lose day to day, and I'm glad I only gained .4

Last night I did relatively well in terms of food, all things considered. After work I went to a Subway and grabbed a five dollar foot long: it's not something I generally eat, so it was sort of the "special" that I generally use to get myself through crunch periods. I got ham with lettuce and tomato on wheat, and put on Miracle Whip at home. I ate half immediately after I got it, then waited about 20 minutes and ate the rest. I thought it was a bit of foreshadowing that I'd be in for a binge, but the sandwich was in fact all I ended up eating last night. Not bad.

So, I'm proud of myself for showing that I can get through hard periods of work without using food as a crutch. I'm proud I lost 3.3 pounds this week. And I'm proud I got all my work done in time (and did a damn good job with it, in my opinion).

I should work out tonight since I took yesterday off, but, well, I'll be coming up on 34 hours without sleep by the time I get home. I may just want to pass out.

And since it's been a while since I've shared one, below's a graph of my weight loss progress so far. Each mark represents a daily weigh in. The red line represents the 5-day moving average of my weight, the blue line the actual day to day weight. (Note that in San Diego, when I was unable to weigh myself, I just held my weight constant at my starting weight for the trip.)

Maybe this is just the exhaustion speaking, but I feel like I really am making progress.


  1. Great job! Taking it off slow is the best way to maintain your weight. Good food choice as well. Your chart is a good tracking tool. How did you maintain your weight in San Diego? So many taco shops to pick from. Yummy fish tacos from Rubio's the best. Good Luck and keep up the good job.

  2. I didn't, I came back up a few pounds. (I hit a new low within two days of returning, though, so I think it was mostly bloat.) I didn't have a scale, and I didn't want to skip those days for data, so I just *entered* my starting weight in the spreadsheet

  3. You are DEFINITELY making progress, girl! Great job!!!

  4. It's not just exhaustion speaking - you are making real progress, and I'm very proud of you!

    Fabulous - keep up the good work Hadley!

  5. Great progress and congrats on the loss... now go get some sleep!

  6. Awesome loss! You should be proud!

  7. Looks like a downward trend to me! Good job!

  8. Wow, great job on losing all that weight! :) I love your graphs, it really shows how much progress you are making! Way to go on not using food as a crutch. It is really hard to break old habits, and you did it!

  9. Ugh it erased my comment!

    Anyways, Fantastic on the weight loss and you MUST catch up on sleep RIGHT NOW!

  10. Way to go on the great loss. I would ignore the slight gain due to sleep--it really makes that much of a difference.

    Congrats on only eating the subway! That's a great vicotry!

  11. You are making excellent progress - well done!

  12. You are doing great! Very impressed with your "crunch time" eating. Not bad, not bad at all.

    Keep up the good work!