Friday, August 14, 2009

Should I push up my deadline?

Weight: 256.7
BMI: 44.06

As I've talked about a few times in the past, my first mini-goal is to get to 250lbs by September 15th. The weight is meaningful (it'll mean I've lost 10% of my bodyweight, plus it's a big round number), but the date is not. I picked it, essentially, by playing around in calculators. September 1st seemed too tough and October 1st would be too easy: so the 15th it was. When I started, the goal required a sustained loss of 2.8 pounds a week: ambitious, but not impossible. As of now, it would require a sustained loss of 1.46 pounds a week: cake, at the rate I've been going.

So, I've been playing with the idea of moving the date up a bit to September first. Including today and the 1st, that would give me 19 days to hit goal, meaning I'd need to lose 2.5 pounds a week to hit it. I think that's a high enough number that it'll be challenging, but low enough that I should be able to make it if I work hard enough.

Do you guys think moving up a goal date is a good idea (to keep things challenging) or a bad idea ( since I think you lose something if you're trying to hit a moving target)? What would you do?

Just to give a visual, the below chart represents the weekly weight loss I'd need to sustain* on any given day to hit my current mini goal (250 by 9/15), my long term goal (175 by 8/14/2010 aka my brother's wedding) and my stretch goal (145 by the wedding). My short term goal has gone from being more challenging than my stretch goal to easier than my regular long term goal.

Personally, I'm leaning for it being time for an update.

*I appreciate that the chart might be a little weird to people who don't like mathy things. Essentially, it's a judge of pace: how much do I need to be losing each week to hit my goals. Consistently beating pace means I can go slower later and still make it. Going behind pace means I'll need to lose more quickly later. A fuller explanation of the philosophy behind the graph (and why I like it so very much) is available here.


  1. Hi Hadley, I love your charts and I am not very mathy, either :)

    Ok, about your goal. I would leave it as is, and that way you may lose more by September 15th. If you really, really think you can do it, I also say to go ahead and challenge yourself.

    Either way, sugar, youre doing great!

  2. I agree with Monica - I would leave your official goal date alone, but inside your head you can move it up.

    You must be a numbers person like I am, because I love that chart! You know this already, but I have to say it anyway. It's not all about how fast, or at what pace you lose the weight; it's about making a change in your mind, and at the same time changing your life!

    You will get to that 250 number before you know it, and we will all be rejoicing with you - whatever day it is!!!


  3. 2.5 lbs a week is very doable and healthy! I think moving it is a great idea. You will get there in soon. Keep up the great work.

  4. I agree with Monica and Diane - stick to your original goal date. I believe in setting goals but not hard date specific ones because they can often lead to feeling like I've failed if I don't achieve them. Keep it light and general.

    Focus instead on making each day the best you can do and it should take you where you want to go.

  5. I think you should do whatever you feel like you want to do. You could use the 15th as the goal date and if you get to it sooner, than maybe try for 245 by the 15th. But if you don't get to it than just know that you already met your goal ya know. This is hard because I don't set dates for myself so I can't give that great of advice! I think you are doing awesome, keep it up!

  6. Well, if it were me and my goal, I'd leave it. But it's your journey, and you need to suit he journey to you.

    Gee, how helpful is that!

    I don't set dates for myself. I had hoped to lose 50 in six months. I did not. I did come close. I'm okay with it. I just don't want too many pressures dates, challenges, etc., because working the program is pressure enough! lol But that's me.

  7. I stuck with mine for the cruise and beat it by 5 lbs. and I was super happy. Do what feels right to you though.