Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Tuesday Weigh In

Weight: 243.5
BMI: 41.79

Last Tuesday I weighed in at 245.9, so today represents a perfectly solid 2.4 pound loss. I'm up .1 pounds day to day, but I'm not going to focus on that. Instead, let's look at the good:

1. Losing 2.4 pounds/week is more than enough for either my stretch goal or my long term goal.
2. My BMI's now 41.79. This is the first weekly weigh in I've had where my BMI is under 42.
3. I've now lost 12.41% of my starting weight. This is the first weekly weigh in I've had where I've lost over 12% of my starting body weight.
4. I've now lost a total of 34.5 pounds and have 98.5 pounds left to lose before I'm of normal weight.
5. Only 10.5 pounds to go till I'm not morbid! Next week, that number will probably be in the single digits.

These are good things. I also want to use this post to check in on my Hot 100 goals:

1. Have two "Biggest Loser" (6000+ calorie burn on my Bodybugg) days a month. I didn't make it for September, but I tried valiantly. I'm pleased with my attempt. Next attempt is October 4th (this Sunday), but I'm probably going to only shoot for 5000.

2. Work out an average of 5 days/week. Easily accomplished. If you count lunch time walks, I've worked out ever day since Sunday the 20th. (Technically the challenge started on the 23rd.) If my almost-daily lunch walks--each of which burns over 400 calories according to my bugg--don't count, then I didn't work out on Thursday.

3. Go to the Gym at least 15 times each month. If you start back on Sunday the 20th, I went every day but Thursday and Friday. Since this is a monthly goal and the challenge didn't technically start until the 23rd, it's hard to judge, but at the very least I fulfilled the spirit of this goal by going to the gym often and working out hard while I was there.

4. Keep average calories below 1400, and don't exceed 2000 in a single day. Easy peasy. I upped my calories to a minimum of 1200 not too long ago, and have been meeting that. I haven't gone above 1400 for probably a few weeks, and certainly not since the challenge has begun.

Well, that's that. I'm pleased with the weigh in, and pleased with my week. The bugg has been an excellent motivator, and I'm incredibly glad I've got it. Here's to making this coming week even better!

Edited to add: Monica asked me in the comments if the front desk guys were still bugging me about spinning classes, and the answer is an unfortunate yes. (Newer readers: the full story is available here.) Last night I arrived right before a spinning class was about to start, and he asked me if I was going to it. I said I didn't think so, and he was all "oh come on you should go!" I said I was in the mood for the elliptical instead and hurried on by. Passing the front desk gauntlet is easily the worst part of going to the gym for me on weekdays. At least the more aggressive class pusher is only there Monday through Thursdays, right?

Essentially, I still hate it, it still makes me want to get in the habit of working out in the morning so I don't have to deal with getting pestered, but for now I'm just brushing it off.


  1. Awesome! I was up looking at BodyBuggs last night, they look SOO cool! When you went back to the gym, were those front desk people still there and if so, did they try to convince you to go to more spinning classes?

    Im nosy.

  2. This is an awesome weight in! I love all these good goals you have. Wow. You are kicking butt, Hadley. Good job!

  3. Awesome weigh in! Congrats on all your hard work this week. :D

  4. You are doing so awesome Hadley! And it sounds like the BB is just inspiring you to keep exercising more! Yippee!! Maybe I'll have that talk with dh soon about getting it. LOL!

    WTG on doing your 100 days left challenge. I need to update mine. I'm not doing so hot. =(

  5. You keep rocking it bro! You are consistent and I can't wait until the weigh-in where we see the big words GOAL ACHIEVED. I know they will come. :D

    p.s. 6000 calorie burn day? Freaking A I'd die.

  6. 12.41% wow! That's really great. They say you just need to lose 10% to change blood pressure and blood sugar significantly. Reach around and pat yourself on the back.

  7. Congrats on a terrific weigh in!

    You've had a great week, heck month, and the scale is reflecting it.

    Best of luck on your Biggest Loser Day. I'm hoping to ramp up my daily average from 2650 burned to an even 3000. We'll see...

    Bummer 'bout the guys at the gym but bravo fro brushing them off & not letting that be an obstacle.


  8. Great job on the loss! You have just been so steady and rock solid on your journey. Way to go Hadley!

  9. Congrats on the loss!!! You are doing so great!
    I would tell the guy that's where I'm headed and then not go, but that's just me.
    Again, you are doing great. Keep it up!!

  10. Way to go on losing the weight!
    I think you are doing fantastic

  11. Congratulations on the loss! Hurray for all the "first time" successes! Way to keep focused and on track!!! YAY YOU!!!!! :)

  12. Look, this one's easy: the next time one of those people start upselling the spinning class, just bust out in tears: "You inconsiderate bastard! My grandmother died in a spinning class!" Walk off weeping...

    Kudos on the kick-ass weigh-in, too.

  13. You go girl! I actually bought an elliptical like at my gym (yeah it was pricey) and I have a treadmill at my business. This way I can always work out (I consider a work out burning over 600 calories) 6 days a week. I find it HARDER If I skip a day but I do take a weekend day off to spend more time with my kids.

  14. You rock Miss Hadley! I am so happy for you!

  15. Awesome! What a great loss! And, I totally love Jack's comment about handling those spinning guys... I would die laughing if you did that!

  16. GREAT loss this week!!! And you are doing really well with your goals! Nice!!

  17. Great job on your loss this week!

  18. hun it looks like there are 2 hotties at the guy hitting on you!

    hey sexy lady, hows it goin? ;)

    as for the spinning class, dont worry I only lasted a min my first class too! its hard as hell, you know what my mom did to get started, she put the bike on easy and just sat there for the whole class and just biked away at her leisure, she did that for about a month. than she started going up and down, than eventually she got the hang of it and started to participate fully in the class.
    your doing great with what your doing! and a great loss for this week! I would try the cycling again too! you can do that 6000cal burn every day you have a cycling class!

  19. ps - guy is supposed to be gym.. ahahaha

  20. Good work on the loss! That is great. I sure wouldn't worry about a .1 fluctuation. Now on to a successful week 2 of the challenge!