Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Tuesday Weigh In

Weight: 248.0

Well . . .

I only lost .2 pounds this past week. This is a major disappointment. I'm glad I did still manage to lose, but I'm more distressed by just how bad the number is, and how off track I've been.

I didn't go to the gym yesterday.


I'm saddened and I'm stressed. I feel like I'm losing my fire. I'm just not doing as good a job as I used to. I'm not as dedicated. I'm just lost.

I think I'm going to hold back from posting daily weigh ins for a bit, and see what happens. I'm still going to weigh myself daily, since it's an important motivator, but I've been stressing over posting them. It makes me feel like I have to start every post talking about my weigh in.

Okay, here's where things get interesting. There are two different ways I could start this next paragraph, and I'm not honestly sure which one is correct.

Option one: Weigh ins are important, but weigh ins aren't everything. Yes, the scale matters, but the scale lies too. What's going on in your head and your day to day habits are important, independently of the scale.

Option two: Weigh ins are important. Weigh ins are, in fact, everything. In the end, the ultimate arbiter of success is moving the numbers down. There's certainly a good range of healthy weights, and sure BMI's not perfect and there are bodybuilders who count as obese, but for god's sake, I'm not a bodybuilder and 278 at 5'4 is just not healthy. I'm morbidly obese. The head game, the habits, those are all nice, and they can help along the way, but they're honestly irrelevant when compared to morbid obesity. It's a trump card, it's all that matters, nothing else even counts.

I'm not sure which I believe. I know I believe in the primacy of the scale. At the end of the day, the success of any weight loss endeavor hangs on whether or not you actually drop pounds.

But still, I'm going to stop starting every post with a weigh in. I will post Tuesday weigh ins to remain accountable. (I'll still be weighing daily, keeping charts and graphing my progress, and I may occasionally share extra good news on non-Tuesdays.) I think discussing the head game, the habits, and the philosophy is more interesting. I'd rather be able to post about those without worrying about commenting on each morning's number.


  1. There are so many things that can mess with that number. Did you eat more salt than normal in the past 2 days? Also, when I up the intensity of my workout, my body retains more water; therefore, more pounds.
    Also, if it's that time of the month, then that will add a pound or three.
    So many factors! So, while I do believe you need to weigh to track, if you know you've done well and the scale doesn't show it, don't freak until it does it 2-3 weeks in a row.

  2. I hear ya sister..... LOUD AND CLEAR. Maybe it is the change in seasons? I have tried to pump myself up with new books, checking out sparkpeople.com, going back and doing some older exercise dvds. It is kinda working.... kinda. just got the Beck Diet Solution book and am going to give it a shot. So far it talks a lot about how we mentally sabotage ourselves. It offers ways to change how we think about food/hunger/cravings and how we can retrain ourselves to respond differently.

    All I can suggest is try something new, new recipes, new exercise, new reads, new thoughts. I hope it works for you, 'cause I'm doing the same!!!!

  3. we take two very different approaches to weight loss, but i've been where you are. it's rough for sure. don't let it consume you. a number is just a number, it's not who you are.
    believe in you, if you think you've been slacking, don't let disapointment in yourself take over, go out and kick some ass.

  4. I weigh every day but only post it on Mondays. I fluctuate throughout the week, and I think it's easier to just have an "official" weigh-in day, even though I keep track of it on my own. If I posted my weight daily, today I would be up. Go figure.

    You have to do what is right for you, personalize your journey, and that's how you succeed.

    Everyone hits that bump in the road where we get off track, aren't as dedicated as we once were--it's perfectly natural. Persistence is key. I like the phrase "fake it until you make it" to help out. That feeling will come back. The new, shiny feelings (I call the honeymoon period) leave. Then you just have to find the new normal.

    The scale is one measure. It's an important measure of our success, but it isn't all or nothing. I have re-thought BMI. I discovered my husband is just a few pounds from being classified as obese. He is 6'5" tall, and if he weighed in the normal category for his BMI, he would be skin and bones. He is about 15 pounds overweight. When I realized that, and we discussed it, it took my focus off the BMI because it is not perfect. Yet, I will watch it closely until I am out of the obese range because I know it's more accurate for me.

  5. You are really a numbers person...lol.

    You're doing great. You have lost 30 lbs for crying outloud.

    The feeling will come back around. The trick is riding out your emotions till it does. Just keep doing the next right thing.

  6. I think the importance of the number on the scale depends on your ultimate intent. If you merely want to lose weight, then yes, that is the ultimate measure of whether or not you are successful, regardless of how you get there. But if you want to be healthy, then the scale is kind of incidental and healthy choices (the ones that presumably lead to a drop in the number on the scale anyway) should be the focus. After all, you can make the number on the scale drop a number of way that are certainly unrelated to health (starvation and/or cutting off an arm, for example).

  7. I weigh myself approximately once a month.
    I can't do daily weigh ins nor even weekly ones. It drives me nuts if I don't see the number I want.
    I've resigned myself to being ok with 5 lb a month losses for my own sanity. That's 60 lbs in a year so not too shabby.

    Hope you can find a balance with it too.

  8. I am also a daily weigher, and was during my own time of losing weight. But, for some people, seeing the number fluctuate up and down a bit can cause them to get frustrated and quit. And even though people say don't focus on the scale, for me, the scale showed me when progress was being made. (Not that I didn't pay attention to all the other good things as well.)

    I can see where posting your weight daily would be a bit stressful. I like your idea of weighing daily, and posting weekly. That way you won't be so affected by having to post those ups and downs every single day.

    Just keep doing what you know to be right Hadley, that's what will get you through the tougher times!

  9. I personally love your daily weigh ins, it motivates me to keep going but I understand the frustration that comes with it as well.

    Im glad that youre gonna keep blogging though! Also, Im sorry if youve already told us this, but are you keeping track of your inches?

  10. You have to do whatever feels right for you. Some people toss their scales in the trash, others visit them multiple times a day. Neither way is wrong, just different.

    Just because you blog about your weight here does not mean we visit just to see your daily weigh in.

    You don't have to post any numbers (well, except for the GAG challenge, of course) or a single thing about your weight at all if you don't feel like it is helping you.

    Blog about whatever you want - we'll still visit. :)

  11. Weigh yourself less often...
    I can get up and weigh and be 63.2kgs
    go for a run - shower and weigh again and will be 62.3kg's
    We have water retention in the mornings...so try weigh later in the day and every 2nd day or 3rd instead of everyday...

  12. Ugh, those little bitty weight losses are such a downer, aren't they?
    I'm sorry you're feeling so discouraged. Girl, you know I've been there! Do whatever it takes to make you feel good about yourself and get back on track. If that means not posting your weight every day, then so be it! You've got to do what works.
    Lift yourself up, and know that this is NOT easy - if it was easy, then there would be no fat people in the world. Take it meal by meal.
    Oh, and I'd go with the first choice for that paragraph, because the scale is a fickle b*tch, lol!

  13. Please don't give up! Take one step back and regroup it all. You might need to change your focus. I remember you blogging about getting a trainer to help you on your road trip. This might be a good time to consult with one to get you on track again. I have to admit that it is hard to stay motivated on your own so every little resource helps. Stay strong and keep blogging. Good luck!

  14. .2 lost is another step in the right direction. So don't knock yourself down! The scale is a good tool to measure your weight loss but it can't measure all of the other successes you're having as a result of changing your lifestyle.

  15. TY for the kind comments. When I was living it up in Ohio, I was seeing an endocrinologist and he was awesome. In California, the doctors dont seem to care and so I always hesitate to go to them. Grr, supposedly my synthroid level is ok but who knows. I should check it out but its 110 dollars every time!

    I know what youre saying about the new background maybe being a temptation, but I cant seem to find one that artistically expresses plus size shopping. LOL.

  16. Weigh-ins are important, but they're not everything. I think you're wise to dial back on it, as long as you intensify everything else. It takes effort to make headway on this trek. You've got it in you to do this.

  17. I find that my scale is all over the map of numbers on a daily basis. So i only keep track of my once a week numbers. I know it can be frustrating.

  18. I'm a daily weigher myself. I feel your pain. I'm certain that being sick is having an impact on your number - but how great that when you waver, you have so many people coming to say YOU CAN DO THIS. Which I am certain you can.

  19. I only weigh in once a week, and I think it keeps me sane, but whatever works best for you!

    You CAN do this. You ARE doing this. You have LOST a SIGNIFICANT amount of weight. There are bound to be fluctuations - it's a journey. As I said on my post tonight - marathon, not a sprint. Cliche, but true. KEEP IT UP!

  20. For me weighing is only a weekly thing... or at least a few day thing. Too many things can go on even over the course of a day... retaining a little water or being dehydrated. Even a bathroom trip. What if you gain a bit of muscle?

    I'm not saying the scale isn't a impartial judge, just it is more of a compass than a roadmap.

    The roadmap I think would be detialed food and exercise logs. Also some tape measurements. The BMI thing just doesn't factor in peoples differences. A bodybuilder like Arnold would look horrible on a BMI scale.

    At Foolsfitness we measure success just one good choice at a time.-Alan

  21. I agree with posting it weekly and taking it daily if that works out for you. I'm a daily weigher when I'm on a diet because it keeps me focused on my goal.
    Good job on getting in the gym.
    Thanks for your congrats on my weight loss. I appreciate your encouragement.