Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Worth It


The weigh in this morning was very nice, but I don't want to curse myself for tomorrow by talking about it too much. Still, I'm definitely moving in the right direction, and seemingly at a pretty nice clip.

Before I get into anything else, Kimmers of 100 in 28 has officially lost 100 pounds! YAY Kimmers! I'd encourage you all to go over there and congratulate her.

I did, in fact, wake up this morning and go to the gym. (So did Lynn! Go Lynn!) Sure, I didn't hop out of bed at 6:30 as one might like, but I managed to schlep my way over there—through 3 inches of snow—and put in 20 minutes run-walking on the treadmill. Not a huge workout, but if I give myself credit for the 1.4 mile roundtrip walk there, it's about a million times better than not waking up early. I am incredibly proud of myself for getting up, and hope to make a habit of it. I'm still planning on hitting the gym after work tonight. For my lunchtime walk, I'm hoofing it over to the charity to drop off the clothing I'm donating. It's about a mile and a half roundtrip, which is about half of my normal lunch walk, but since I'm going to be carrying lots of bags and it's for a good cause, I'm still giving myself credit.

For the eggs, I ended up just going with two plain scrambled eggs. They ended up being incredibly delicious even without the cheese. I loved all the good egg recipes in the comments! I may try out a few of them as I work through the remaining 7. And to answer a few other assorted questions from the comments:

I do have a DVR and in fact record Biggest Loser as I watch AI live, I just don't want to put off watching Biggest Loser a whole day since I'm almost certain to get spoiled and find out who got booted.

You can technically freeze the Purdue perfect portions things, but whenever I do it just doesn't turn out right. Freezing meat is somehow still above me. Which is actually impressive considering that all that's involved is, you know, putting it in the freezer.

I do have (and love!) Trader Joe's. I eat their organic vanilla yogurt every morning and it's like the best thing ever. I love their salad mixes, their apples, their baby carrots, and use their whole wheat as my go to bread. All their stuff is so cheap and ridiculously delicious. I loooove Trader Joe's. (I love Whole Foods too. I begrudgingly accept that Safeway must be a part of my grocery store rotation, but still hate it with the fire of a thousand suns.)

In other news, I'm wearing contacts today! Two weekends ago (right after I got back to blogging/weight loss) I saw the eye doctor and decided to go for it. I'd considered it before because I hate the way I look in glasses—every pair feels like it makes my face look fat, which could just be because my face is fat, but still makes me emo—but I'd just never been able to get over the fear of touching my eyes. I think part of me just accepted that I was ridiculously unattractive anyway, so what was the difference between a fat girl and a fat girl with glasses?

All of which makes wearing contacts (and learning how to put them in) a big deal for me. The first time I was able to walk outside and see without a pane of glass separating me from the world was just amazing. And while I've worn the contacts on the weekends, today's the first weekday where I had enough energy and enough will to get them in on a work day. I'm so, so happy I did.

So, so, so much of this journey is just accepting that you're worth something. I'm worth work outs, I'm worth eating healthy. And you know what? I'm even worth touching my eyes for. (And that, blog buddies, is friggin' terrifying.)

For the comments: do you wear glasses or contacts or none of the above? And if you're feeling inspirational and have a strong tolerance for cheesiness, what's one thing you're going to do (or did!) today because you're worth it?


  1. I wear glasses as well. For a while I fought with contacts even though they hurt my eyes and made me want to claw them out of my skull because I hated my glasses. Then I caught sight of myself without my glasses and realized I actually liked my glasses, they suit me. So now I just wear my funky glasses, and even think they are even kinda sexy hawt-ness :)

    I made it to the gym and did an hour this morning because I am worth it. While I have been going 4 mornings a week, this was the first morning I was truly trying to talk myself out of. But I didn't, and even though I am sitting in class with achy muscles, I am glad I did.

    I want a Trader Joes :(

  2. i wear contacts now it was a huge deal for me becaus ei wore them since i was ateenager but when i skyrocketed to 265 i could no longer wear them because my eyes were too dry from maybe all the sodium i was intaking who knows maybe i had diabetes i have no idea why but it was as soon as i was obese i could no longer wear contacts

    and about a month ago i could wear them again so i wear them all the time im so excited

    so yea its a huge deal for me i cant believe when i put my contacts in in the morning because it had been years since i could wear them

    i to had to tape the biggest loser
    i was too tired to stay up

  3. Wow, Hadley, you had QUITE the productive morning! I bet you will sleep REALLY well tonight. With all of the early rising, contact wrangling, donation hauling, mile and a half walking you will be doing today.

    I totally feel you on TJ's. Its pure love. And Safeway, pure dread. We have a Whole Foods in town - and I have never shopped there for groceries (only once to pick up a quick lunch with my sister). I have another store similar to Whole Foods (fancy grocery) close to my parents and it is much more convenient to go to, but I REALLY want to get my booty into Whole Foods one of these days, I just don't know if my wallet will like it. Any special recommendations?

    I am so proud of you, the pounds are like falling OFF your body!

    Thanks for the shout out :)

  4. Great loss! You're doing so well. :)

    I started wearing contacts when I was about 15. I had a chubby face back then and thought I looked TERRIBLE in glasses. There are definitely MUCH cuter styles now ... but I think you'll def love the contacts once you get used to them. Give it about 2-3 wks and you'll be a pro and taking them out.

    Props for getting up early. THAT is one of my goals for the month ... to get out of bed and workout EARLY!

  5. YAY to a loss! I've worn contacts for years and love, love, love them. Glasses are much better now but I do love not wearing them.

    My oldest daughter started wearing contacts when she was 13 and it took her a little bit of adjustment - but she was determined to shed her glasses so she embraced it all!

  6. I have glasses for distances, and I love them, they are super cute. However, sometimes wearing them annoys me, as it restricts my vision a bit at the sides. As for doing one thing for myself today...that will probably be nothing!

  7. I wear glasses for everything close. Started out needing glasses to read the recipe. Then I needed to wear them to make the recipe. Now I need them to eat the recipe. I can see a fly on the wall in the next room but anything within 2 feet is blurry.

    For myself today? After dinner I'm going to the gym ... chores be damned.

  8. I'm a contacts kinda gal. Have been for 14 years... Can't stand glasses - hate them like I hate celery (that's a lot).

    Me? I'm going to work out with Jillian and she's going to kick my butt.... because I'm worth it.

  9. I wear contacts the day and night so that I do not have to change them but once a month. Your blog is great keep up the good work on losing the lbs. I also do a blog on my weight loss. Good luck.

  10. YES for the pounds lost!
    in the third grade I had glasses but I think it was for MONEY MONEY $$ because when I took the eye test at school a few years later I had 20/20 and since then 20/20.. SCAMMY DOCTOR! haha

    p.s. yea you TRAGICALLY spent too much time in Europe.. i'm jealous :( haha

  11. You know I've never been to Trader Joes, maybe one of these days. As for contacts I started wearing them about 2 yrs ago and I'm 42 lol. I had tried them several times in my life but never managed them for long. I find that if they are bugging me I just wear them during the day and take them out when I get home. I also don't usually wear them on the weekends so my eyes have a break. Good luck with them hopefully they will work out ok. Way to go on the good weigh in too.

  12. Congrats on the loss! :]

    LOVE Trader Joe's!!! I do pretty much all of my grocery shopping there. They have such amazing products- they're healthy and taste great!

    Keep up the great work!

  13. Great job on that workout! I love my morning workouts. At first, it's really hard to drag myself out of bed. But once I've been doing it a while, I look forward to it. Keep it up!

  14. Thanks so much for stopping by and checking on me today. I lurve you for it.

    (Things are going great!)

    I don't wear contacts or anything like that. Thank goodness 'cause I can barely put my face on in the AM! And, I guess, that's what I did today because I'm worth it. I like to get all pretty'd up!

    Keep up the great work! And congrats on the loss that we're not jinxing! =P

  15. Yeah for you on the morning workout!! I'm so proud of you! And congrats on the loss too.:-)
    I wear glasses most of the time now, save my contacts for when I go for a run and other exercising. I first got glasses in the 4th grade, contacts as a senior in high school. I mostly wore contacts after that, but just htis past year or so I have gotten lazy enough that I don't really care anymore.
    It is much nicer being able to see without something on your face though isn't it? And don't worry, the getting the contacts in and out will soon become second nature!

  16. I started wearing contacts when I was 13, and haven't worn glasses since! I haven't even been able to make myself get a pair of glasses as a back-up.

    You will get used to putting them in and taking them out and very soon it will no longer feel awkward. Congrats and enjoy!

  17. I'm happy to hear you're moving in the right direction.

    I started wearing glasses when I was about 10 and thought I'd never be able to put contacts in my very sensitive eyes. When I started playing winter sports I finally got contacts but could only tolerate them for a limited amount of time. My eyes would get to irritated and dry if I tried to wear them at work all day.

    In December I had LASIK and it's the best thing I've ever done for myself. I wish I did it 10 years ago. It's great not having to worry about glasses or contacts.

    I went to the gym today because I'm worth it ;)