Tuesday, February 2, 2010

A Groundhog Day Resolution


Another day, another .4 pounds down.

Yesterday was, in a word, solid. My eating was absolutely on point: the food I'd brought into work for breakfast/lunch/snacks, and a chicken breast and salad for dinner. Exercise was 100% acceptable: an hour walk during lunch and an hour on the elliptical after work. I'm not yet one of those awesome people of awesomeness who does early morning workouts, but I still give myself full credit for both a lunchtime walk and a regular workout, with a few bonus points for pulling out a full 60 minutes on the elliptical rather than wussing out after 45.

Today, I'm mostly feeling exhausted. I went into bed a bit before 9:30, but I wasn't able to fall asleep until well after midnight. I've been having a lot of problems sleeping of late, and it's the most annoying thing ever. I want to be able to fall asleep at a decent hour mostly so I can wake myself up at 6:30 to go workout. But I can't fall asleep early. And then I can't wake up early. And thus the bad cycle of badness continues.

I'm tempted to say, here and now, my Groundhog Day resolution is to wake up tomorrow and go in for a morning workout. But tonight has both American Idol (my gosh can they get to Hollywood week already? I'm so over auditions) and Biggest Loser, so going to bed early is definitely not happening. But maybe just maybe I'll be able to power through and wake up early tomorrow, even if I can't go to bed early tonight.

Okay, yeah, let's do it. My Groundhog Day resolution is to workout tomorrow morning before work. No excuses.

In other news, I've run through my Purdue perfect portions chicken breasts and am now faced with the difficult problem of making an actual decision about what I want for dinner. (Whenever I buy the Purdue perfect portions I pretty much have to eat them for 5 days nonstop because there are 5 pieces of chicken in the package and the sell-by date is always like 5 or 6 days ahead of when I buy them, no matter what. It's annoying because it's such a commitment of "guess I know what I'm eating all week" but it does make things easier.) I have 9 eggs that expire on the 8th, so I'm thinking I should do something with those, but everything I come up with is way more calorific than the 130 calorie piece of chicken I've been making the centerpiece of my dinners. 2 scrambled eggs would work, but I'd want cheese, and then I end up at 230 calories. 1 sunny-side up egg is also viable, but that needs toast, and then I'm at 215 calories. Decisions, decisions.

For the comments: how do you like your eggs? Happy Groundhog Day!


  1. I am so not an early riser. If I'm up before the kids it is for the peace & quiet plus a cup of coffee I get to finish while it is still hot (without any reheats in the microwave) & not to workout. However, I realize that this would be an optimal way to start my day so I'm right there with you. I pledge to get up at 6am with my dh, do my TBL DVD for 30 min & the jump in the shower before the kids wake up.

    Eggs? Tough to have an egg be filling & come in at around 130 calories unless you are willing to dump a yolk & do an egg & an egg white. You could turn that into an omelet with some veggies or salsa with just a little sprinkle of cheese while still staying within calorie range.

    Have a great week!

  2. How about Eggs, Onions and Tomatoes? with a side of pita to scoop it up in?

    so delish!!!

  3. i wake up early to workout.. but hey whats the difference if you do it before work or during & after! :) i still think you are kicking butt! :)
    as for eggs: just scrambled? haha
    i hard boil all my eggs and eat them as snacks in between lunch and dinner!

  4. Eggs: Scrambled. Always. Well done. Not oozy. Usually a splash of milk and dash of salt, but lately I cut both of those out.

    Can you freeze the chicken at all?

    I totally feel ya on the whole "thats what I'm eating the next few days" deal. That's where I'm at with the Soup and Tuna Cakes (although I am loooving the soup). I also made Mista a Griglia (from TJ's) on Friday and don't have the calorie allowance to eat the other 3 servings. I put two in the freezer, not sure how they will reheat. If at all. That element is so frustrating about cooking for one.

    Do you have a trader joe's? I recently found these chicken breasts which are individually sealed and 150 calories each. So I froze them and took one out at a time to cook.

    Also, double check your eggs, that might just be the sell by date. And, eggs last way longer than their sell by date - they have a really good shelf life compared to most other perishables!

  5. i dont like eggs
    crazy i know but i just dont like them at all lol

    congrats on the loss

  6. OHHHH, AND, maybe if you push through and get up early tomorrow, you will be even more tired that night and fall asleep easier/earlier. And be ready to start the cycle the next day! :) But yeah, I'm not a morning worker outer so I can' really talk :)

  7. I was gonna say what Kimmers said in her last post.

    And I think youre doing amazing. Youre gonna be right with me in a week or so and then probably pass me up! :)

    Also, do you have a DVR or Tivo where you could record one of the shows tonight and watch it another night?

    I like my eggs scrambled. Im a daredevil.

  8. Hey! Congrats on the loss! I too get up every morning dreading the workout but I DO IT. I think of how far I have come and how far I have left to go and i just force myself (secretly bitching the entire time).

    I got a Redi-set-go cooker (see my blog) and I LOVE IT! I make egg whites almost every morning now and I am STARTING to like em! LOL

  9. Great loss!!

    I like my eggs... well I like eggbeaters, with salsa, and pepper jack cheese. Sometimes I make them into an omelette with fat free refried beans as the filling. yummm

  10. Yay to the drop in weight! And awesome job with the food. I just moved buildings for work and I'm in a totally different place. So instead of eating what I packed myself, I went out with co-workers and bought greasy thai food and a red velvet cupcake! WTF?

    And I'm with you on trying to get in morning workouts... I still do afternoons after work. But I'll try and get one in tomorrow morning too!


  11. Congratulations Hadley! I am a morning workout person but never would have thought I could have been. I found that once I got up early for a week or two in a row then I couldn't stay up late, late anymore!

  12. I prefer my eggs sans the yolks. 30 calories for just the whites I believe. I usually like to poach mine in the microwave and have on some 100 calorie english muffin with low cal cheese. MMMMMMM, it's my go to breakfast! The ONLY time I have to work out is in the mornings. I hate it, and thus, I don't do the exercise thing faithfully. This is my first week of doing early morning work outs starting Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays...wish me luck, because at 6:00am, I am queen of "roll over and go back to sleep excuses!"

  13. If I don't care about calories then I like them in an omelet with cheese, and black olives. ;-) If I do care about calories I just eat the whites of a hardboiled egg. Don't worry about the expiration date. Eggs are okay at least a week past that date. Heck, I've eaten opened unrefrigerated mayo several months past the expiration date and had no ill side effects.

  14. Congrats on your .4! =)

    I'm not an early morning exercise person at all. I'm hoping to work out tomorrow at 7:30. We shall see.

    We had eggs for supper. I had 4! Two whole large eggs and 1/2 cup of Egg Beaters. Added in two slices of Borden Light cheese, several seconds of Pam spray (about 40 calories worth!) and toast sprayed 1 second with Pam for a total of 429 calories. To cut that down, I would have done one whole egg and 1/4 cup egg beaters and 1 slice of cheese. Use one egg and then use some egg whites--that will stretch your calories further.

    We've decided to have egg night twice a week because it's such a cheap protein. (Secretly, it's because hubby likes to cook eggs--he made my omelet tonight, so that's why I decided to do egg night. lol)

    You're doing fantastic with your great workouts. I'm so glad you're back!!!

  15. I am not a morning person either...in fact, tomorrow I am working from home and will probably really have to muster up the strength to get up at 8:30 to work out! I have been trying to talk myself into getting up a little early in the mornings to do a quick workout video, just to get the metabolism going...but so far, no dice.

    As far as eggs--have you tried Eggbeaters? I realize that does not solve your current 8 egg dilemma, but for future reference, they are very low in calorie which means you could add cheese without issue. Maybe throw veggies in with scrambled eggs..or hey throw some Frank's Red Hot Sauce on them. That makes just about anything better in my opinion.


  16. Anyone who does any exercise is a legend to me! I've lost all my weight mostly just by diet changes, I loathe exercise! Well done.

  17. Okay girl, I was up this morning...how about you? :)

  18. Did you get up for your morning workout? I really do miss my morning work out routine, though it was brutal getting it established as I recall. But once I got into the groove of it it was awesome!
    Maybe one of these days when I have a few less morning variables to work around (ie kids are older and slightly more self sufficient) I'll get back into it. For now I try to be content grabbing a work out whenever I can.
    Congrats on the loss!
    And yes, the other book I was vaguely referring to is "The End Of Overeating" by David Kessler. Have you read it??
    And you have got to read some Michael Pollan! I have also heard him speak, and I love to listen to him as much as I love to read his books.
    I don't have an egg solution, sorry. Though I have learned to make a fairly healthy quiche by making it crustless, and I use fat free yogurt instead of cream. But still, not really in the calorie range you're looking for.

  19. Hmmm...why do you need to workout in the morning? Is it schedule related, or just because you think you "have" to? I say - workout whenever you can! I mean, you got in 2 hours of exercise = fantastic!
    I like my eggs any which way - omlet, over easy, on a sandwich, in a salad. You name it!

  20. One whole egg and 2 egg whites scrambled with one 60 calorie string cheese all cut up and melted in with the eggs. Serve on an orowheat sandwich thin (100 cal) with lots of spinach. MMMMMMMMM