Monday, February 1, 2010



Technically, I re-entered the 230s on Sunday, but today is my first time posting about it, so yay 230s! Thus far I like them much better than the 240s.

I'm .6 pounds away from reclaiming my 40 pounds lost trophy, which is pretty exciting. This is also the first time since I've started back up that my BMI has been 40.whatever instead of 41.whatever. There are tons of baby markers of progress that I could give you (Over 5 pounds lost since I started again! More than halfway to my mini goal!), but the basic point is that the weigh in this morning is a pretty good one.

I originally had all sort of outdoors adventures planned for this weekend, but unfortunately DC got hit by a nasty snowstorm which forced me to cancel most of my plans. Instead, inspired by all of Monica's do-gooding last week, I decided to sort out all my too big clothes and see if I could find a good place to donate to. Luckily, there's a women's shelter not too far from my house that does really great work--including health care, education, training, and job placements and all sorts of support--that takes some donations, and almost all the stuff I wanted to give away was on the list. (Interestingly enough, they right now will only accept clothing in larger sizes, which I suppose isn't that surprising when you think of the strong connection between obesity and socioeconomic status: donors are statistically more likely to be thin, and those using the donations are more likely to be fat. Which isn't to say there aren't exceptions: see, for example, me.) Anyway, I'm overjoyed that I've found a place that will be able to make good use of all my nice but too big suits and work sweaters. They were even able to take my casual pants and shirts. I'll be dropping the donations off on Wednesday during my lunch hour.

Overall, I'm mostly in a good and productive mood. There are some nagging doubts and issues that I really ought to blog about, but if I keep trying to write then I won't be able to go for my lunchtime walk, and that would clearly be no good.

So, off I go, into the cold and (now slushy) snow to get a bit of fresh air. Enjoy the afternoon, blog buddies. (For the comments: what are you going to do today that's outside?)


  1. Hadley, congratu-freaking-lations! WOW girl, you are just shedding that weight SO FAST! It's like you never left! I hope you enjoyed the fresh air! After being in an office all day its quite a treat! We had so much rain last week the first day we had sunshine I opened my sunroof and blasted the heater.
    We are forecasted for rain all week again, but the sun is currently still out - I guess maybe I'll do that again on my lunch break in 10 minutes! :)

  2. CONGRATS on the 230's!!!! Way to go!

    follow me on journey to half of me:

  3. Congratulations!! Look how fast it's coming off now!

    I'm getting out to go for a run today, but that's about it. Woohoo, Week 8 of C25K! :-)

  4. I am thrilled for you on your 230's and impressed with how well u are doing! I just entered the 250's myself for the first time in about 8 years and am completely psyched! When my husband gets home I was planning on celebrating with a walk in the woods, I love the cold.
    I really enjoy your blog, it helps me keep things in perspective as I tend to be a pessimistic person.

  5. Just started reading your blog about a week ago, love the progress!!

    That is so great! I bet you feel really good. You'll be down to your 220's and then quickly out of the 200's as soon as you know it.

  6. congrats!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    i think you should claim your 40 pounds now cuz you know that .6 is gonna come off by tomorrow :)

  7. woohoo! Another Hadley post! I was watching "The Upside of Anger" the other day and the girls name was Hadley and I of course thought of you. Its a pretty cute movie.

    Ty for the shout out!

    I also agree with Bee that you should claim your 40 pounds now, .6 doesnt have anything on you :)

    So cool that you were able to put your old clothes to good use. Didnt that feel just sooo good to do that? The more we do for others, the more we feel better about ourselves. Its weird how that works.

  8. Congrats! You have done great!! (I would go ahead and say 40 pounds lost!)

    That is awesome that they were able to take your clothes. It must feel great knowing they are going to such a great cause.

  9. We must be close in weight. I am so excited to see the 230's too. I have been in the 240's for a while now. I caught a glimpse of the 230's one morning when I was sick. Great job!!!

    That was really nice of you to donate your larger clothes. I'm scared to get rid of mine because of how hard it is to find cute plus size clothes...but I guess that's an issue I should address, huh? :)

  10. That's awesome!!! Everything - the loss, the donation, everything!!! Congrats!

  11. Way to go! Congrats on your weight loss and for finding a great new home for your now too big clothes!

  12. Now, that's confidence and belief--getting rid of the larger clothes. I know people who held onto theirs 10 years after losing weight. That's the way to do it--no escape hatch. Congratulations! I'm outside a lot now, but it's 70 here in Phoenix and my fruit trees are budding and it's gorgeous. Lots of heavy duty gardening, moving rock and gravel, digging runoff, putting down stepping stones--exhausting and delightful. Funny how you never think of food when you're gardening. It works great!

  13. Congrats on the excellent weigh-in!

  14. All I am doing outside right now is trying to stay warm between my house and my car. :-)

  15. YAY to being in a new 10bs bracket - I love when I make it to a smaller 10lb bracket... such a good feeling :)

    Me and outside are NOt friends right now.... I'm saving my outside workout for Thursday when I go running with my friend....

  16. Just found your blog and wanted to say congratulations on hitting the 230s! Keep up the good work – I'll be reading!