Sunday, July 19, 2009

A Quick Catch All Post

Weigh in for yesterday, 7/18:
Weight: 267.0
BMI: 45.83

Weigh in for today:
Weight: 266.8
BMI: 45.79

Not only have I not gained with my parents here, I've actually managed to keep losing. Not only did I hit the -10lbs mark, I flew past it. As of this very moment, I am 11.2 pounds lighter than when I started this journey. How awesome is that?

I promise a full gym story at some later date, but for now I just want to share that I did, in fact, go to a gym yesterday. I worked my ass off too. It was all around excellent. What's important is that I went (despite being really, really scared to) and I feel all right going again.

11.2 pounds down, many, many pounds to go. Progress!

1 comment:

  1. You are doing awesome! Into double digits now there is no turning back.

    I cannot wait to hear a good gym story. Doesn't it feel good to work your ass off?

    And the payoffs for it will continue. Keep it up!