Friday, October 1, 2010

Hot 100 Update: Week 1


Yes, yes, that number is moving in the wrong direction. I've been home sick yesterday and today (excuses!) and I may've ordered pizza last night.

My first week of the Hot 100 has been, well, probably best described as a hot mess. Let's take a look:

Goal #1: Blogging 5+ days a week. BZZT! Didn't happen. Wasn't even close.

Goal #2: Walking outside everyday. Again, no dice. I walked on Tuesday, and that was short. Other than that, this was an almost impressive fail.

Goal #3: Not letting weight hold my career goals back, with a practical application of applying to jobs. Didn't happen at all.

So, bleh. Bleh, bleh, bleh. I'm terrible and lost and not motivated and fail. Such is life. My goal for the remainder of the day is to get a bunch of sleep (in the interest of getting better) and to not go hog wild on food. Hopefully tomorrow and next week will be more back on trackish.


  1. Hope next week goes better for you!

  2. My first week was not good either. I am determined to meet my goals the second week! Yes I will! Do it with me:)

  3. I'm with you, Hadley! I only accomplished 1 of my 5 goals...but that's okay. We're still trying to accomplish them, so that's a great thing. Onward and upward!

  4. The numbers don't always go the right way for me either! Keep at it though. Having the blog to be "accountable" to, helps a lot! Stay posititive!

  5. It really isn't the falling down that matters, it is the getting back up again. You can do this.

  6. I like what Kimberly said. I fell, and I gotta get back up too. My first week sucked too. But, let's get back up and try to do better this week. My work week actually begins on Sunday, and I've already messed up the first half of the day... left over birthday cake from my granddaughter's party yesterday is all I have eaten so far today. I'll be feeling pretty crappy if I don't get some real food in me soon. Let's get up and get it done. One week (or one day, or one hour) at a time!! CathyB

  7. Hot mess is half way there, right? You just have to get rid of the mess part. :-)

    Here's to a much better week Hadley! You can do it!

  8. It may have been a rough start but I'm sure this week will be better. Hang in there ...