Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Tuesday Weigh In


This counts as my official weekly side of the blog weigh in. From now on, I weigh on Tuesdays. (Of course, me being me, I'll still start each post with my weight.)

I'm not faring too poorly in my wedding/weekend home recovery. This is .1 pounds lower than Friday, and 1.6 pounds lower than yesterday, when I shot up to 258.8. What's important is that I'm back into progress, and that my goals didn't get too horribly thrown off by the wedding.

Still, right now, I'm mostly feeling pretty blah. I'm squeaking along, but I'm just not accomplishing anything.

Let's be honest: the number one thing I need to do right now is apply to jobs. It's not that I don't like my job (I do!) but I've been here almost two years and it's time to move on. I need to get something that pays more and where I'll have more challenges and more opportunity for advancement. My current job is stale, and it's time for me to move on.

So, I've settled that. And I've actually found two jobs I would love to have and think I have a decent shot at. (Well, one I would love love love love to have, and one that would be a solid choice and improvement over my current position.) I've worked a lot on my resume and think it's currently at a place I like. But I just can't write the damn cover letters and get my applications out the door. I don't know what's wrong with me.

One of the jobs (the one I'd love love love) is in Denver. I have spent literally hours online looking at apartments I could get if I moved to Denver. I could get a place as nice, if not nicer, for about half of what I'm paying to live in DC. I've also spent hours looking at cars, dreaming about what my priorities would be if I were to get a car, debating if I'd buy purely from my savings or if I'd go wild and finance a nicer one than savings could buy. (Spoiler alert: I'm pretty cautious with money and there's approximately a zero chance I'd take out a loan to buy a nicer car.) Basically, I've just been daydreaming. Sure, I suppose it's better than, you know, eating, but it's really just not productive.

What I need to do is focus. Apply to jobs. Work out. Kick ass at my current job. Heck, even blog. I just need to not spend forever thinking about what I'd do if I got a new job without, you know, actually doing anything about it.


  1. But dreaming is fun! :)I love to think about all of the things I would like to do or buy if I had more money. It's something to look forward to! Great job on your weigh in.

  2. Found you through the Hot 100 and just had to say - I'm in much the same career spot! The job I have now is fine, but not what I ultimately want. I'm working another opportunity on the side that I'm really excited for, but yet I too find it hard to buckle down and go for it. Good luck on your job hunt! :)

  3. Congrats on your weigh in and good luck with the job hunting. :)

  4. Hi There! I'm so glad to find your blog. (through the Hot 100). I wish you so much luck with this interesting and transitional time in your life. It's going to be so great for you to take care of your health now while you're still so young. I hope you get the job you're dreaming of! I'll be back to check in.

  5. Good luck with the job hunting. I have been at the same place now for 5 years and it's time for me to move on. I have an interview for another job today as a matter of fact.

    Good luck with the Hot 100 goals! That is what brought me to your blog.