Thursday, October 15, 2009

There was pasta . . .

Weight: 244


In yesterday's post, I remarked upon my completion of 100 successful days of weight loss. Last night, however, I found myself veering off course.

Mondays and Wednesdays are hectic days for me. I have Arabic classes immediately after work. Arabic gets out at 9pm, and if I'm good I head to the gym after, meaning I get home around 10:30. Because of this, I bring a second sandwich into work on those days, which I have at the end of the work day right before I leave.

So, on an ideal day, I come home after Arabic and the gym, take a shower, and fall right to sleep. Last night was not ideal.

At work on Wednesday, I was more hungry than usual. I ate all my food relatively early, which I sometimes do and which isn't a problem if I can go right home for dinner. Only, this was a Wednesday, and I couldn't go right home for dinner. So instead I starved through Arabic, starved through my workout, and by the time I went home, I wanted cheese.

And cheese I ate.

A whole 800 calorie ball of fresh mozzarella, mixed in with half a box of pasta (another 800 calories), a box of cherry tomatoes and a good bit of marinara sauce. At the end, I felt sick to my stomach and wildly out of control.

So, yesterday I had a bad day. It showed up, quite visibly, on the scale this morning. I didn't really gain 3 pounds overnight, and I know that's mostly salt and bloat, but ouch.

Today's a new day, and today I'll do better. Enough messing around: I need to be back on track.


  1. I think you are a very interesting person. Arabic cool.

    What I do when I veere off course is to forget about it and move on. Sounds like that is just what you're doing!

  2. Sometimes you have rainy days, sometimes sunshine. You just get back up and continue on. I can vouch for the rest of us folks in the world, we don't want perfect people, but we do want people conscious when they make a mistake (unlike the cellphone drivers who don't even offer an apologetic shrug). You realized it, you move on. You can see now why starvation never helps anyone. I used to model and do pageants and I starved myself for so many years that when I started eating, I kept every ounce I ate. So, when you see skinny models, know that they're going to blow up like a sausage in its casing when they stop modeling and eat again. You just learned that in one night. You're doing great. Being conscious is the hardest part of dieting.

  3. I've been stumbling off and on for a few weeks now. The scale said I was up 12 pounds yesterday but already, with just one good day under my belt, I'm down quite a few. Like you said, it's sodium bloat. Forgive and forget!

  4. Hang in there brother. I know how that goes all too well. The way to conquer is to put it behind you and attack today. After all, the past is over and the future is not guaranteed. Today is all we have, so make the best of it.

  5. Sounds like you were just truly hungry. That's a long day. Your system will right itself from the salt and you'll be ready to start fresh.

  6. OMG. Thank you. Now all I can think about is how I want to make what you made and EAT IT EAT IT EAT IT because it sounds SOOOOO GOOOOOD. Some friend you are. Geesh.

  7. Everyone has these days, even people who aren't dieting.
    You know what to do - start this new day off right. Get back on track, and this day will be a distant memory soon.

  8. Eh, I'm having the same day, I went out to lunch with the intentions ordering tortilla soup and a garden salad. What did I actually order? A combo platter of a bean burrito, cheese quesadilla and sort sort of tostada. go me. live and learn right? Tomorrow is a new day!

  9. We all do this every once in a while. It's a part of life. Just don't do it every day and everything will be fine. :)

  10. Ooof. Well, at least you really went all out. None of these, "I ate an extra square of chocolate last night, I was sooooo bad!!" binges for you. :-)

    I actually find that it's easier for me to come back from that sort of..."adventure" than it is to come back from the square of chocolate because the next time I'm even remotely tempted, all I have to do is remember that horrible sick feeling afterward. Keeps me in check for a few days at least. :-)

  11. Hang in there Hadley!! It just doesnt pay to get that hungry.I give you kudos for going to the gym after class. I dont know if I could work out that late.

  12. I did this type of thing more times than I can count, but in the end, it all turned out to be okay! It sounds like Wednesdays really are hard for you!

  13. As the Arabic expression goes, "yom asal yom basal" - one day honey, one day onions.

    On the bright side, seems to me that if a person is going to binge on cheese, a fresh mozzarella ball is a much more civilized choice than processed cheese products. :)

    Any chance you could stash some food at your desk (tuna pouches, nuts, protein bar...) for those days that you need a 2nd sandwich but aren't able to bring one?

  14. Ouch indeed! Hadley, with anyone else, I might worry. Not with you. You're kicking butt here, and I know you're right on track again.

    I keep a 180 calorie breakfast cookie in my car at all times just in case. Quaker brand, lots of preservatives...I've used it before, too.

  15. oh I could have written this blog entry about the days where I havent planned and am starving and cant stop myself from is one of those days for me...find I'm eating something small every 2 hours or so....but trying hard to make sure they good difficult, I want a slab of chocolate...LOL..
    But making sure as I'm on the Weight watchers plan I eat all low point foods ...all day long!

  16. So, you can speak Arabic? Wow. Do you need it for your job?

    Pasta and've been doing so good lately Hadley, what was it you said you burned total? like 24,000 calories or something like that in 100 days? 1,600 is just a blip compare to that. A litty, itty, bitty blip.:)

    Think of it that way. I still think you're kicking butt!